11 January 2023

3TEMP – Temperature control

3TEMP – Temperature control


3TEMP – Temperature control – we look at the reality, nothing else.

Question 1:

Does your oven or stove have one temperature, or can you process your food at different temperatures?

When you make one single meal, you probably start on one power setting, usually a high temperature, and during the cooking, either increase or, in most cases, decrease the temperatures after a while.

Coffee is food that is being processed, so in the 3TEMP system, you can set the brewing temperatures at the beginning, in the middle, and finally in the last stage of the brew. Up or down doesn’t matter; it’s your choice.

Question 2:

When you measure temperatures indoors, outdoors, your body temperature or your fridge, can you read out the exact temperature instantly or do you have to wait a minute or two?

Our answer is always NO; stable or slow-moving temperatures can be read. However, as soon as the temperature probe is moved from one spot to another or the temperature rapidly changes, a delay is needed to trust the temperature measuring device.

Question 3:

Would you trust a driver that drives by looking at images a co-driver snaps and handles to the driver?

We won’t! There is a delay from the snap of a photo until the driver’s brain can see the image taken and take proper action. When you take a picture of drying paint or, in the car-codriver case, at a parking lot where every car around is parked, you, in many situations, could trust the image to predict the future; the driver could be trusted to move the vehicle just some meters slowly. But as the speed increase and the traffic around gets heavier, the delay would make it impossible to trust that the driver is given enough just-in-time data and are smart enough to predict everything to neither feel nor be safe, even self-driving cars with many photo sensors connected directly to the brain (CPU) aren’t yet to trust having people onboard. Slow-moving, small devices without people onboard can be seen today in public because of their size and speed.

The patented 3TEMP system trust only the slowest moving temperatures, the incoming water temperature.

The 3TEMP system will work on any incoming water pressure stable or, as in the real world, fluctuating; We know that the water pressure constantly will fluctuate. Other devices also need water, such as a dishwater machine, a tap or your neighbour; every device in the system is constantly changing the water pressure;

The 3TEMP system always sees that the pump works at precisely the same pressure, that is, zero pressure.

The 3TEMP CPU has enough power to do real-time physics calculations. A sensor system feeds the CPU in real-time all needed data, doing it math and controlling the pump, capable of instantly reacting. This is to have a perfectly constant flow just to hit the exact temperature wanted.