3TEMP Hipster Series


Nothing moves like the kobra

Adjustable height, batch brew, single brew, cold brew, programmable recipies

The KOBRA (Swedish for cobra) is built to take minimal space on the desc, it still adapts and will fit whatever thermos you have. When space is at a premium, the slinky KOBRA delivers. With the bulk of the machinery under the counter, only the sleek, serpentine head is on display. Fully adjustable, you can brew into even the most awkward-shaped thermos.

Everything you expect from the Hipster series is available, pour-over batch brew, cold brew, and single brew (one cup), but here we also have added the feature to adapt the height of the brewer easily. Either you adjust the KOBRA itself, or you add the optional drip tray, and you can set the height of every brew above the desc.


  • 6 button OLED controller
  • Pour over batch brew
  • Single cup brew (Brew basket stainless steel recommended)
  • 2.5 litres thermos
  • Easily adjustable brew height
  • Heatcase (under counter)
  • Brew basket, black
  • 25 Hipster coffee filter
  • 4G router + SIM card (Europe and US models)
  • Cold Brew trial | 30 brews.
  • One year of online support 3temp.online

The 3TEMP Brewers

The 3TEMP brewers are among the most advanced brewing devices in the world. But as advanced as they are, they are also easy to use. You can brew standard coffee with a mild and creamy taste as well as the finest coffee specialities. So you can also choose between hot and cold extraxtion – one of the unique features of our brewers is the fantastic cold drip function. Within 20 minutes, you get more than 2 litres of premium cold-brewed drip coffee.

From one cup to one gallon (3.8 litres) of perfectly brewed coffee using the pour-over method. All models in the range feature the unique, patented 3TEMP temperature control, which allows you to set different temperatures at the start, middle and end of each brew.

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  • Capacity: 150 ml to 3,8 litre (gallon)
  • Up to 200 cups/h.
  • Total weight: 26.4 kg
  • Max power hot: 230v, 1x 2400W
  • Max power cold: 1x 36W
  • Max power idle: 3.8 W


  • Width 372 mm
  • Height 637 mm
  • Depth 400 mm

Max Thermos height

  • Max thermos height 570 mm
  • Max thermos diameter 340 mm


Accessories and Options


Space Management