3TEMP Options

Cold brewed Drip Coffee

It never can do that!

Yes it can – With this option you can get world-class cold drip coffee.

This option unlocks the unique 3TEMP drip coffee function in the Hipster Batch Brewer, which allows up to a gallon of cold brew drip coffee in just under 30 minutes.

3temp Options Cold Brew function

The technique requires a 3TEMP batch brewer. Within 20 minutes the Hipster brews a capacity of 2.5-litre cold brewed Drip Coffee.

What you need:
You use coarsely ground, light<->medium speciality coffee with a ratio setting of approx 80g/litre and 160-180tg in a filter basket. The water temperature is 15-30 degrees to make a good blooming and extraction process. The water is flushed over the coffee in several pulses to get the coffee flavours “dancing”.

Cold Drip method within 20 minutes

  • + Sweet smooth taste
  • + Low acidity and bitterness
  • + High caffeine content
  • + Need no expertise
  • + Fast way to produce cold brew dip coffee

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