3TEMP PULS, The 6-Button Controller with OLED


The Next Evolution: Still Embracing the ‘Hipster’ Spirit

Hipster WALL
  • Variable height on installation
  • Minimum space usage on the counter
  • Main unit behind the wall or under the counter
Hipster KOBRA Pour-Over Filter Brewer
  • Variable height
  • Space saving on the counter
  • Main unit under the counter
Hipster PULS Pour-Over Filter Brewer
  • Elegant Design
  • Inspired by Sweden’s nature
  • Countertop brewer
  • Easy to install
3TEMP KOBRA impression


The 3TEMP pour-over filter batch brewers  are one of the world’s most sustainable coffee brewers. Easy to use and advanced at the same time.  They are capable of brewing standard coffee with a mild and creamy taste as well as extracting the finest speciality coffee on level of a top Barista

You can brew hot or cold – one of the unique features of the 3TEMP brewers is the fantastic cold brew function. Within 20 minutes, you get more than 2 litres of premium cold brew.

From one cup to one gallon (3.8 litres) of perfect brewed coffee done with pour-over technique. The brewers all have the unique 3TEMP patented temperature control, letting you have different temperatures at the beginning, middle, and at the end of every brew.

Innovative design

Experience cutting-edge design with 3TEMP brewers. These modern marvels combine functionality with striking aesthetics, crafted from high-quality materials like stainless steel and aluminum. You’ll appreciate the thoughtful design details, including wooden handles and panels, that elevate the overall look.


At 3TEMP, we prioritize sustainability in our brewing solutions. Our brewers are engineered for energy efficiency and minimal water consumption, making them environmentally conscious choices. Moreover, our brewers boast a calculated lifecycle of approximately 20 years, ensuring a long-lasting commitment to eco-friendliness. Additionally, our innovative IoT technology enables remote monitoring and control, significantly reducing the need for on-site service visits, contributing to further sustainability efforts.


3TEMP brewers employ state-of-the-art technology for precise temperature and flow control, ensuring a consistently delightful coffee experience. Savor your favorite coffee with your preferred flavor and aroma, each cup brewed to perfection.


Discover the versatility of 3TEMP brewers. With advanced temperature and flow control technology, every brew yields a consistently delicious cup of coffee. Enjoy your preferred flavor and aroma, tailored to your exact preferences, each and every time.