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The next Generation

Embrace the familiarity of our classic Hipsters, now elevated with a refreshing twist of new designs while preserving all the beloved features you know and love.

3TEMP PULS Pour-Over Filter Batch Brewer with 2.5 liters Thermos


  • Elegant wooden side panels
  • Easy On-Counter installation
Hipster KOBRA Pour Over filterbrewer with 2.5 litres thermos


  • Easily adjustable brew height
  • Space saving
  • Main unit under the counter
Hipster WALL Pour Over filterbrewer with 2.5 litres thermos


  • Adjustable height on installation
  • Minimum space usage
  • Main unit behind a wall / under the counter

The iconic classics

The iconic design of our classic Hipsters has been enhanced with improved components.

3TEMP Hipster 1 Pour-Over Filter Batch Brewer

Hipster 1

  • Unique Design
3TEMP Hipster UC Pour-Over Filter Batch Brewer with 2.5 litres Thermos

Hipster UC

  • Space saving

Coffee on a new level

The 3TEMP pour-over filter batch brewers  are one of the world’s most sustainable coffee brewers. Easy to use and advanced at the same time.  They are capable of brewing standard coffee with a mild and creamy taste as well as extracting the finest speciality coffee on level of a top Barista

You can brew hot or cold – one of the unique features of the 3TEMP brewers is the fantastic cold brew function. Within 20 minutes, you get more than 2 litres of premium cold brew.

From one cup to one gallon (3.8 litres) of perfect brewed coffee done with pour-over technique. The brewers all have the unique 3TEMP patented temperature control, letting you have different temperatures at the beginning, middle, and at the end of every brew.

3TEMP Filter Brewers compared

Hipster PULSHipster WALLHipster KOBRAHipster 1Hipster UCHipster UC Double
PULSWALLKOBRAHipster 1Hipster UCHipster UC Double
Batch Brew3TEMP batch brew
Single Brew3TEMP single brew functionReady *Ready *Ready *
Cold Brew3TEMP cold brew functionoptionaloptionaloptional
Brew Basket, black
3TEMP brew basket blackoptionaloptionaloptional
Brew Basket, stainless steel
incl. V6 insert
3TEMP brew basket stainless steeloptionaloptionaloptional
Driptray3TEMP driptray KOBRAoptionaloptionaloptional
Button Controller
3TEMP button controlleroptionaloptionaloptional
incl. 3TEMP Hipster application
3TEMP applicationoptionaloptionaloptional
Thermos 2.5 litres3TEMP thermos 2.5 litresoptionaloptionaloptional
Thermos 3.8 litres3TEMP thermos 3.8 litresoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Router incl. SIM-card
for IoT and online support
3TEMP Router incl. SIM-card
Waterfilter bestmax3TEMP waterfilter bestmaxoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional

*) Ready: The function is implemented, but additional accessory is recommended (Brew Basket Stainless Steel with V60 insert)
**) SIM-Card: One year internet and online-support are included. Please note: Extendable or renewable at any time.

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