Hipster PULS

Pulsating Innovation in Coffee Brewing


Brewing Excellence Beyond Compare

The 3TEMP PULS is a symbol of the evolution in coffee technology, marrying design aesthetics and advanced engineering. Inspired by the natural beauty of Sweden, it features a sleek black exterior accented by the warmth of natural wood. This brewer isn’t just an appliance; it’s a work of art that enhances any setting.

Underneath its elegant facade, the PULS houses the remarkable technology that sets 3TEMP apart. It’s more than just a coffee maker; it’s a precision instrument designed to create coffee perfection consistently.

3TEMP PULS sideview
3TEMP PULS full view

For the Discerning Barista

The PULS caters to the coffee artisan’s aspirations. Its precision engineering empowers baristas to craft pour-over masterpieces effortlessly, ensuring each cup embodies perfection. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an emerging talent, the PULS is your canvas.

Revolutionizing Office Coffee Culture

Offices seeking to elevate their coffee culture need look no further. The PULS’ contemporary design and user-friendly interface make it an ideal addition to any office space. Bid farewell to ordinary office coffee – the PULS promises an upgrade.

Exploring Cold Brew Mastery

Unlock the realm of cold brew with the PULS’ optional cold drip function. Impress customers, colleagues, or friends with up to 2.5 liters of exceptional cold drip coffee in just 20 minutes. It’s more than just coffee; it’s an experience.

Embrace the Evolution

Whether you’re a passionate barista perfecting your pour-over technique or an office manager revolutionizing the coffee experience for your team, the 3TEMP PULS is your ally on this journey. Elevate your brewing capabilities, savor coffee excellence, and join the wave of innovation with the PULS. The pursuit of the perfect cup starts here.

The 3TEMP PULS, pink office
The 3TEMP PULS, Harmony

Accessories and Options

This is included

  • 6-Button Controller, OLED
  • 2.5l Thermos
  • Brew Basket, black
  • 25 pcs. 3TEMP quality coffee filter
  • Cold Brew trial | 30 brews
  • 4G-Router(EU and US models only)
  • 1-year free IoT SIM-Card, extendable
  • 1-year free IoT Connection, extendable
  • 1-year free IoT Live Service, extendable
  • 1-year Warranty (does not cover technical labor), extendable for an additional year.
Hipster PULS standard with thermos 2.5 litres
The PULS incl. thermos 2.5 litres
Hipster PULS with brew basket stainless teel and 3.8 litres thermos
The PULS with brew basket stainless steel and 3.8 litres thermos (options)



  • Capacity: 150 ml to 3,8 litre (gallon)
  • Up to 200 cups/h.
  • Total weight: 23.7 kg
  • Max power hot: 230v, 1x 2400W
  • Max power cold: 1x 36W
  • Max power idle: 3.8 W


  • Width 372 mm
  • Height 637 mm
  • Depth 400 mm
  • Max thermos height 335 mm
  • Max thermos diameter 203 mm

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3TEMP quality coffee filter in a 3TEMP brew basket black
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3TEMP Basket Stainless Steel
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