3TEMP – Temperature control

How to brew the best specialty coffee - Quality in cup by 3 Temp

  3TEMP – Temperature control – we look at the reality, nothing else. Question 1: Does your oven or stove have one temperature, or can you process your food at different temperatures? When you make one single meal, you probably start on one power setting, usually a high temperature, and during the cooking, either increase […]

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Environmental issues in coffee equipment

3Temp HUT

We list the top 3 environmental issues in the coffee equipment industry The coffee industry’s most prominent environmental issue and impact is idle or ready-mode machine equipment. Units using a heating tank or heating plate are “eating” a lot of energy during the day. The second biggest energy eater is the machine service and support. […]

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Go Tankless – Fresh water AND lower CO2 emissions

go tankless - 3 temp

Go Tankless with hot water on-demand The 3TEMP ethos of “quality in cup” has always directed the design of our brewers, focusing on giving black coffee the attention it deserves without sacrificing quality at any stage of the process. One of the core features of our products is that freshwater is drawn through the system […]

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