3TEMP IoT System for Exceptional Service & Support

3TEMP IoT Web Application

What is “IoT” and how does it impact my daily operations?

“Why would I need IoT in a my 3TEMP filter brewer? Do I need an app? I definitely don’t want yet another app on my phone.” These are valid questions and demands that merit a clear explanation.

Here’s how IoT can help you

To be clear: Just for brewing a batch of coffee, you definitely don’t need any IoT – period! The 3TEMP brewer itself has always a Button Controller from where you can start and stop brews, and edit recipes.

So why then?

IoT means that the device is connected to the internet and 3TEMP, servicepartners and you can have access to it. Accessing the brewer does not require downloading an app. Instead, the brewer has a built-in QR code that allows you to access the brewer’s web-based app with any device with a compatible browser.

Here are some direct benefits of using a connected 3TEMP brewer with IoT:

  • Recipe List – Reflecting the 8 Recipe Slots on the Button Controller – easy access.
  • Recipe Editor – change recipes, copy, and paste them with enhanced ease of use
  • Sharing and downloading recipes – Via IoT you have access to the 3TEMP Recipe database where you can effortlessly save, download, and share recipes tailored to your personal use, company needs, or for wider global distribution.
  • Initiate Brews Remotely – You can start the brewing process through the web app, just like using the button controller. This allows you to initiate and control the brewing process from a distance, whether you’re at the POS, in the office, or at home.
  • Data Analytics – The brewer provides access to various usage statistics.
  • New Features – When connected, you have the ability to purchase and update the brewer with new or optional features, expanding its functionality and capabilities.
  • Live Service – The brewer’s components enable technicians from distance not only to diagnose potential issues but also to remotely intervene and provide immediate assistance. This proactive approach helps avoid unnecessary service travels, resulting in positive economic and ecological impacts.
  • Service Travel Planning – Technicians can assess if a component requires replacement and incorporate this into their service checklist. With the ability to analyze components beforehand, standard component changes are no longer necessary, leading to more efficient and targeted maintenance procedures.
n illustration of a sophisticated 3TEMP filter brewer, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Accessible via mobile devices (handy) and personal computers (PC), it is part of an IoT ecosystem.

How it works

The Hardware

Our brewers provide seamless connectivity options. The LAN port, located on the backside of our brewers, acts as the gateway for connecting your brewer to various types of internet connections, including:

  1. 4G-Router (included in US- and EU- Brewer Models): Enjoy fast and reliable internet connectivity without the need for additional setup. Perfect for users who prioritize convenience and efficiency.
  2. WLAN-Router (not included): This option is ideal for those who prefer leveraging their current network infrastructure.
  3. Broadband-Network (not included): This option ensures stable and consistent internet access.

By offering these connection choices, we empower you to tailor your brewing experience to your specific needs and preferences. Stay connected to the 3TEMP IoT and unlock the full potential of your brewer with our versatile connectivity options.

The 4G-Router

In both the EU and the US, our 3TEMP Brewers are bundled with a 4G-router, complete with a complimentary 1-year IoT SIM card subscription (extendable). This feature enables effortless connectivity to the brewer from mobile devices, computers, and any other browser-enabled device.

For customers in other countries, the 4G router is not included by default. However, upon request, we can include it as an optional add-on to your order. This flexibility allows you to tailor your brewing setup according to your connectivity preferences and requirements.

The software

3TEMP Web App

Instead of providing multiple apps for various systems, we offer a convenient web application accessible via a QR code. No additional app installation is required on your phone or tablet. Moreover, you can easily share the link and utilize it on a PC, such as a cash register equipped with a browser at a point of sale (POS) terminal.

Let’s take a look at how the web app appears.

Recipe List

When you access the brewer using the QR code, you gain access to the recipe list. This list reflects the eight recipe slots in the OLED Button Controller. Active recipes are displayed on the button controller, while disabled ones are not visible.

By clicking on a recipe, you can initiate the brewing process and even temporarily adjust the brewing volume. Additionally, clicking on the pen icon redirects you to the Recipe Editor, where you can access and modify the brewing parameters to suit your preferences.

Recipe Editor

With the IoT capabilities of the 3temp web app, you can personalize your coffee recipes exactly as you desire.

Easily modify parameters during the pre-brew phase (blooming), extraction phase, and the final phase to achieve your preferred coffee profile. This level of customization ensures that every cup of coffee is tailored to your taste preferences and brewing standards.

The 3TEMP Database

You have the freedom not only to customize your recipes to your exact preferences but also to download and save recipes to and from the 3TEMP database.

If your favorite roaster provides 3TEMP Brewer recipes, you can easily access and download them from our database.

Furthermore, you can save recipes individually for personal use, for your company, or even globally, making them accessible to everyone.

This versatility ensures that you can tailor your brewing experience to your unique needs and share exceptional recipes with others effortlessly.


The 3TEMP web app allows to view and read simple statistics.

Depending on how you and your team uses the brewer you can learn how to work more efficient and sustainable

  • Understanding Demand: Identify the most popular coffee varieties brewed, allowing for informed decisions on stock management and menu offerings to cater to customer preferences effectively.
  • Analyzing Popularity: Discover which coffee blends are most frequently brewed, providing valuable insights into customer preferences and optimizing inventory management
  • Inventory Management: Monitor both incoming and outgoing coffee quantities, ensuring optimal stockholding and reducing waste while maintaining quality and freshness.
  • Minimize Waste: Have you ever considered the amount brewed versus the coffee consumed? Reviewing these statistics can offer a fresh perspective on how filter coffee can cut costs and promote sustainability within your establishment.
his close-up image showcases the intricate details of a circuit board. The grayscale tones emphasize the technical nature of the components.

Our Commitment to Quality, Service, and Innovation

Our commitment to brewing excellence extends beyond just creating exceptional products. We understand the critical role that external factors like water quality and connectivity play in ensuring a seamless brewing experience. That’s why we’ve integrated advanced water filtration systems and reliable 4G connections into our brewers, guaranteeing consistent quality without the disruptions often associated with standard setups.

Service and support are at the heart of our ethos. We prioritize these aspects as much as we do product features, recognizing their foundational importance in delivering a superior brewing solution. By focusing on quality over cost, we ensure that our brewers not only stand the test of time but also minimize the need for constant interventions and maintenance, saving both time and money in the long run.

Our innovative approach doesn’t stop at hardware; we leverage IoT technology through platforms like 3TEMP.ONLINE to provide real-time diagnostics, instructional media, and simplified serviceability. This integration not only streamlines operations but also ensures that our partners and distributors have access to centralized resources, facilitating continuous learning and efficient inventory management.

Trust, transparency, and sustainability are the cornerstones of our partnerships. We are committed to sharing our expertise and insights, empowering our customers to optimize their brewing processes while embracing the latest advancements in IoT technology. With our unified design approach and continuous learning initiatives, we are confident that our streamlined service methodology will stand the test of time as we continue to innovate and grow.