3TEMP WALL Hipster Filter Brewer Pour-Over



Breaking the Limits with the 3TEMP WALL

The 3TEMP WALL transcends the boundaries of conventional coffee brewing. It offers individual height adjustment during installation, accommodates batch brews, single brews, cold brews, and empowers you with customizable, programmable recipes.

3TEMP WALL brewing
Hipster WALL

Efficiency Meets Elegance

Experience the art of premium coffee batch brewing without compromising your precious space. While its design exudes minimalism, the 3TEMP WALL conceals a treasure trove of features synonymous with the 3TEMP brewer range. Despite its compact footprint, it ensures you can brew coffee to perfection without any constraints.

Tailored to Your Space

The beauty of the WALL lies in its adaptability. You have the freedom to install the brew unit at your preferred height, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your environment. The main unit can be discreetly positioned behind the wall or neatly tucked under the counter, maximizing your space’s functionality.

Unleash Your Brewing Potential

The 3TEMP WALL liberates you from the confines of traditional coffee brewing. Its versatility and space-saving design make it an invaluable addition to any coffee establishment. Elevate your brewing experience, optimize your space, and redefine the way you brew with the 3TEMP WALL. It’s time to break free from limitations and embrace the future of coffee brewing.

Hipster WALL
A 3TEMP WALL mounted an a wooden wall for a trade show

Accessories and Options

This is included

  • 6-Button Controller, OLED
  • 2.5l Thermos
  • Brew Basket, black
  • 25 pcs. 3TEMP quality coffee filter
  • Cold Brew trial | 30 brews
  • 4G-Router(EU and US models only)
  • 1-year free IoT SIM-Card, extendable
  • 1-year free IoT Connection, extendable
  • 1-year free IoT Live Service, extendable
  • 1-year Warranty (does not cover technical labor), extendable for an additional year.
3TEMP WALL with 2.5l thermos and driptray (options)
with 2.5l thermos and driptray (options)
3TEMP WALL pour-over filterbrewer with 3.8 litres thermos and brew basket stainless steel
The WALL with the Brew Basket stainless steel and a 3.8 litres thermos (options)



  • Capacity: 150 ml to 3,8 litre (gallon)
  • Up to 200 cups/h.
  • Total weight: 23.7 kg
  • Max power hot: 230v, 1x 2400W
  • Max power cold: 1x 36W
  • Max power idle: 3.8 W


The front unit
  • Width 272 mm
  • Height 266 mm
  • Depth 320 mm
The main unit
  • Width 181 mm
  • Height 266 mm
  • Depth 395 mm
  • Depends on installation
  • Max thermos diameter 360 mm


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3TEMP quality coffee filter in a 3TEMP brew basket black
3TEMP coffee filter
3TEMP Basket Stainless Steel
Brew Basket Stainless Steel