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You want to take your coffee to a higher level? 3TEMP pour-over batch brewers are the perfect choice: Sustainable & advanced – but EASY to use!

Discover our full range of the 3TEMP pour-over batch brewers. The patented brew process and tankless design gives you control and creativity with every cup. The brewers are complemented by matching accessories and the unique CPA | Coffee Particle Analyzer.


The 3TEMP Brewers

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Every 3TEMP brewer is designed with the same industry-leading functionality, including tankless design, multi-stage temperature control, programmable recipes, IoT technology and cold brew in just 20 minutes.

Our pour-over brewers are sustainable by design, with remote servicing and support to save time, money and mileage. While all our filter brewers give you the control to unlock the potential in each bean, the right model for you will depend on the space you have available, your capacity requirements and, of course, your desired aesthetic.

Many of our products are also available in a choice of colours and customisable with company branding. Find a partner in your region or contact us to learn more.


The 3TEMP Coffee Particle Analyzer (CPA) is the first measuring instrument in the world that meticulously can control the grinding fineness directly at coffee shops, restaurants, roasteries and other locations with coffee as a feature.

It is an optical measuring instrument with a wireless connection to a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. Take a small sample of the ground coffee from the grinder and place it in the gauge. A few seconds later you will have an exact result on your screen. The result confirms that everything works as it should or which adjustments that are required for the coffee to taste as intended.


Read about the 3TEMP Coffee Particle Analyzer and its details.


At 3TEMP, we are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive range of accessories to enhance your coffee brewing experience. Explore our diverse offerings, including filters, brew baskets, and convenient starting kits, designed to meet your brewing needs.

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