07 August 2021

Quality in cup

Quality in cup

Quality in cup

3TEMP and our product are not the single things that make people have a perfect cup of coffee. No coffee roaster, café owner, or even any coffee producer can guarantee the perfect cup of coffee by themself. It’s when every involved party does their best the quality in cup becomes accessible.

A coffee cup is the result of many professionals doing what they do. To guarantee “quality in cup” every piece of this puzzle needs to be of top quality. If some part of this chain fails there will be no “quality in cup” as we see it. At 3TEMP we every day are working hard on making our part of your coffee cup be of the best possible quality. Today and in the future, we will deliver the best batch brewers on the coffee scene. We even use our own term – profile brewers – to define our HIPSTER series.


I wish …..


…  more of us knew how much work, quality control, engagement, and perfectionism there is to get a perfect coffee bean.


At 3TEMP we know …


… how all of the precise, proud, and hard work, mentioned above can be a waste of time and energy.


Where do you find a ….

…. professional chef that would waste energy preparing the best food without the best possible tools?

….proffesional football player that will play in the cheapest shoos?

….a professional handyman with crappy tools?

… a formula one team with a blind driver?


Everyone that makes any sort of meal knows that using too much heat will destroy the dinner, by this all cooking devices have some kind of knob that reduces the heat.; Most coffee brewers don’t, just heat as much as possible!!


Using bad, stale water will decrease the quality of the cup! Having water standing heated will consume a lot of wasted energy, just making the water unusable for a great cup of coffee; Many manufacturers of brewers just don’t care about this.


The design of the equipment helps create the full picture of quality; Attention and design just add to the taste of the dinner; This is clear to anyone in the espresso world but is also just as true in every other type of coffee.


One advantage of making brewers instead of roasting coffee beans is that everyone blames the coffee roaster if the cup isn’t good, often even their brand is on the cup. This without knowing that every coffee will taste bad if brewed wrong, no matter the quality of the bean; Also the fact that every coffee taste a lot better brewed and delivered correctly; 


That is why we at 3TEMP have put all of our effort and pride in what we call ‘Quality in cup’; Meaning, don’t stop at the roastery. Bring quality to the consumer.


//Anders, founder 3TEMP.