When quality matters

Hipster 1 - 3 Temp


Style as well as substance. You can’t beat a classic.


Hipster Puls - 3 Temp


Clean, contemporary lines. For fingers on the pulse


Hipster Cobra - 3 temp


Slender and serpentine for the smallest of spaces.


Hipster WALL


Modern minimalism with maximum functionality.


Hipster 1 UC - 3 Temp


Under the counter, with a more industrial aesthetic.


Award winning "Best All-Round Filter Brewer" The London Coffee Festival


There can be only ONE


Drip - 3 Temp


ONE brewer brews from ONE cup to ONE gallon (3.8 l.)

3TEMP CPA | Coffee Particle Analyzer


The CPA is the first portable optical instrument in the world that matches laser-based grind size analyzers.


Welcome to 3TEMP, home of the Hipster.

Our unique pour over technology redefines batch brewing,

creating exceptional filter coffee, even cold brew in as little as 20 minutes.


All our products are NEMKO and UL Certified

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What's your 3TEMP?

With no tank, three programmable temperature settings for bloom, extraction, and end- phase, cold-brew functionality, IoT connection and customizable profiles to suit your blend, each 3TEMP batch brewer boasts the same attention to detail and core functionality. All that’s left is for you to decide which size and style best suits your business.

Quality in cup

Grab a coffee and get to know 3TEMP and our products

Icon Pour Over

Pour Over Perfection

Pour Over Perfection

What makes Hipster batch brew filter coffee taste SO good? Our patented brew process and tankless design (see below).

Traditional brewers use the hottest temperature water toward the end of the brew, resulting in a bitter taste. Our system replicates the quality of a manual pour, but also allows you to temperature-control the 3 brew phases and refine pulsation to suit your grind.

The result? Quality in cup, every time.

Icon Recipes

Programmable Recipes

Programmable Recipes

With our fully programmable system, you can ensure your beans get the same exacting attention, every time.

Try one of our recipes, or create your own signature – the control is in your hands.

Set programs specific to your grinds, or expand your offerings to include cold brew and even tea!

The Hipster does it all.

Icon Cold Brew

Cold and Warm brew

Cold Brew

Profile brewed coffee with perfect control over the every pour.

Cold brew is becoming increasingly popular, yet many establishments aren’t able to embrace the opportunity.

Options are limited to buying premade cold brew, with no control over quality; or making it yourself, requiring up to 18 hours of brew-time.

Until now.

Icon Fresh Water

Tankless Design

Tankless Design

Traditional batch brewers use a boiler tank – we use fresh water, heated on demand.


When water is heated over a long period it loses minerals, creates limescale and reduces its oxygen content. This not only leads to the deterioration of your machine, but it destroys the taste of your water.

Water makes up 98% of a cup of coffee. Make it count.

Icon Sustainable



Hipster pour over batch brewers are sustainable-by-design.

The tankless water system reduces energy consumption as water is only heated as needed. It also reduces limescale and mineral build-up, which together with high-quality parts create a long-lasting machine.

Finally, our IoT compatibility means remote support is on hand, saving travel miles.

Icon IoT

IoT Enabled

IoT Enabled

The Hipster is IoT enabled – giving you access to online support, easy programming and analytics at your fingertips.

Our batch brewers have digital connectivity, which allows our support team to act quickly with remote diagnostics and calibrations should you need it.

Using our technology you can also access analytics to better understand your customers, and even brew remotely!


Since 2015, when the first HIPSTER was installed, we have had the privilege to help many friends out in the coffee community, this by helping them serve what we call, ‘quality in cup’ coffee.