CPA – Coffee Particle Analyzer

“It´s time to give brewed coffee the attention it deserves”I

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3TEMP has a wide distribution network covering larger parts of Europe and North America and parts of Australia and Asia. Our products are UL and NSF certified, and our resellers have all been carefully selected and trained by our own service department. 

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A testimonial from one HIPSTER owner:
We had no idea how much the quality of the coffee cup was affected by the brewer. We have always focused on the coffee quality, yet brewing on a “standard batch brewer.” When we bought and installed a HIPSTER coffee machine, the coffee quality reached another level when serving a coffee cup to our customers. We were thrilled to see the result, but foremost, the customers who were overwhelmed. They are now more frequently than before returning and bringing along their friends, not only to eat but to have a great dialogue about our coffee. That is the best of feelings.– Happy restaurant owner at HOST 2019 Milan.

The 3TEMP brewing system ensures the highest possible quality of your brew. This without lowering any sustainable or circular economy standards regarding our environment. It is actually quite the opposite.
You, as a Hipster owner and we as a product owner, must focus on what is yet to come. The circular economy, the sustainability, the LOHAS. All these perspectives are focused on the environment. E.g., by using a Hipster profile brewer, you will have a lot of power when the machine is brewing and almost no, barely minimal power when the machine is idle.

For 3TEMP, this is a must when designing tomorrow’s coffee profilers. Our children and the coming generations deserve that. This is our philosophy. We do not focus on having the lowest prices in every part. No, our philosophy lingers around quality in every part and what to expect over time from the environmental contingency onwards. 

The modern consumer nowadays demands high quality by all means in all perspectives. The meal, the dessert, and more now than ever, also the finishing touches of the meal; the coffee. The final taste of the meal, the coffee, will also be the common denominator of a great dinner or a superb dinner. We believe our Hipster coffee profilers will leave that great final experience to customers.”
 – Anders Eriksson, CEO 3TEMP.

Pour-over brewing made easy.

The HIPSTERS technology is world-famous for the coffee quality and always ensures minimal energy consumption until the next brew. Designed to show attitude, minimal energy usage when idle, high power when brewing, and minimal space use.

Pour-over coffee, brewed in batches from ONE cup to up to ONE gallon in less than eight minutes. Up to 1 gallon of cold brew coffee in 25 minutes.

Always brew your beverage on freshwater, not preheated in tanks where limescale and minerals will fall out, ensuring that a maximum of the dissolved oxygen is still present. The HIPSTERS design ensures maximum water quality and a must for minimal energy consumption when idle. All HIPSTER profile brewers are built upon the patented 3TEMP brewing system.

To repeat a perfect brew of coffee, trying to get the same taste is challenging, close to impossible. Even if it’s the same person who always handles the brewing, it is hard to use the best possible water quality, having full control of brew pauses, temperatures, grind size, mixing-ratios, etc., all of what needs to be repeated every brew, every day. There are not even many places where you get served coffee prepared by the same person every day. There will be different staff members, all with different experiences preparing your cup.

The 3TEMP system is taking care of all of this as all topics mentioned above are being carefully monitored by the brewer itself. This is why HIPSTER brewers are considered as the absolute top of line pour-over coffee drip-brew maker.

Easy handling, consistent quality, batch brew up to one gallon (3.8 liters), cold brew (under 30 minutes per batch) and single-cup brew, attractive design, connectivity, minimal environmental impact are all things you have at your fingertips when you choose a HIPSTER brewer. Using a brewer with our 3TEMP logo or having the “quality in cup” sign signals to everyone that you are one of us; The ones that are giving drip brew coffee the attention it deserves.

Quality in cup

From Arvika, Sweden, 3TEMP has since 2013 one big commitment, making it easy for everyone to give drip brew coffee the attention it deserves. Espresso machines are often put on display; drip coffee brewers are not. Having baristas doing hand-brewed pour-over coffee, cup by cup, is the only way to bring brewed drip coffee proper attention; however, this takes a lot of time and training. 3TEMP is changing this with our series of batch brewer’s called HIPSTER brewers.  Our HIPSTER brewers are setting new standards on what everyone should be expecting from a pour-over batch brewer, or profile brewer as we like to call them.

Designed, developed and shipped, everything from one location: Arvika, Sweden.

The only thing we do not control in our HIPSTER brewers is the grind size of the coffee. This is why we also have invented the portable CPA (Coffee Particle Analyzer). Used to calibrate grinders and to ensure the same grind size to be used over time.

Thank you!

The 3TEMP-Team


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