“It takes a lot of know-how making a perfect cup of coffee, to repeat everything is easy!”


The future of black coffee batch brewing is already here, we call it profile brewing.



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Pour over brewing made easy

To repeat the procedure of a perfect brew of coffee, trying to get the same taste is challenging, close to impossible. Even if it’s the same person that always handles the brewing its hard to use the best possible water quality, having full control of brew pauses, temperatures, grind size, mixing-ratios etc. all of what you need to repeat every time, every day. There are not even many places where you get served coffee prepared by the same person every day. There will be different staff members all with different experiences preparing your cup.

The 3TEMP system is taking care of all of this as all topics mentioned above are being carefully monitored by the brewer itself. This is why HIPSTER brewers are considered as the absolutely top of the line pour over coffee drip-brew maker.

Easy handling, consistent quality, batch brew up to one gallon (3.8 liters), cold brew (under 30 minutes per batch) and single cup brew, attractive design, connectivity, minimal environmental impact are all things you have at your fingertips when you choose a HIPSTER brewer. By using a brewer with our 3TEMP logo or having the “quality in cup” sign signals to everyone that you are one of us; The ones that are giving drip brew coffee the attention it deserves.


Quality in cup

From Arvika, Sweden, 3TEMP have since 2014 one big commitment, that’s to make it easy for everyone, everywhere to give drip brew coffee the attention it deserves. Espresso machines are often put on display, drip coffee brewers are not. Having baristas doing hand-brewed pour-over coffee; cup by cup; are until now the only way to bring brewed drip coffee proper attention, however, this takes a lot of time and training. 3TEMP are changing this with our series of batch brewer’s called HIPSTER brewers.  Our HIPSTER brewers are setting new standards on what everyone should be expecting from a pour over batch brewer, or profile brewer as we like to call it.

Designed, developed and shipped, everything from one location: Arvika, Sweden.

The one thing we do not control in our HIPSTER brewers is the grind size of the coffee. This is why we also have invented the portable CPA (Coffee Particle Analyzer). Used to calibrate grinders and to ensure the same grind size to be used over time.


Thank you!

The 3TEMP-Team


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