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About us

3TEMP - Home of the Hipster

In Arvika, Sweden, the first Hipster pour over batch brewer was born. Since then, we’ve created a full range of revolutionary coffee machines.

The 3TEMP Story

In the heart of Sweden is the small harbour town of Arvika, where the local ethos of hard work and diligence gives the area a rich history of craftsmanship and industry. Here, quality always comes before quantity, which applies to manufacturing as much as it does the simpler things in life.

“Fika” is one such example; the Swedish tradition of combining good company with great coffee. With a background in the coffee industry and a passion for sustainability, our founders set out to create a pour over brewer that would allow the true quality of black coffee to be revealed.

Fast-forward to 2021, and 3TEMP offers a diverse range of batch brewers, all utilizing the original Hipster’s innovative functionality. No longer Scandinavia’s best-kept secret, the biggest names in coffee swear by 3TEMP brewers for delivering the best of barista pour over coffee, with the convenience of batch brewing and reliability of Swedish engineering.

Now you too can enjoy consistently perfect coffee, every time.

3Temp HUT

Our Philosophy

For too long, baristas have been made to choose between giving full concentration to their pour, or engaging with customers; we believe that creativity, consistency and community shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. The patented technology of the Hipster allows baristas to have full creative control over their brew, without sacrificing time or connection with their customers.

The 3TEMP pour-over filter brewers boasts a world-first in its tankless brewing system, using fresh water to retain the natural mineral and oxygen content. The intelligent brewing system allows programmable recipes for coffee, tea and cold brew, with 3-stage temperature control and variable pulsing settings to suit your grind.

Combined, these elements create the exceptional extraction your beans deserve.

Our Vision

We believe in embracing a circular economy – of doing things the right way the first time. Coming from an engineering background, we built longevity into the Hipster’s design, using high-quality parts, programmable features, and one-tool access for easy maintenance.

By building our machines to last longer, we’re always keeping one eye on the future. With this in mind, Hipster batch brewers are also IoT enabled and app-controlled. Not only does this allow for total customisation of the brewing process, but it means our support team and service partners can offer real-time assistance and provide analytics to help you identify trends in your business.

Thermal Caraffe
Hot plates cook your brew. A thermal carafe or thermos keeps your brew hot and the flavour profile intact.