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Elevate your 3TEMP brewer to new heights with our premium water filtration solutions – BWT BESTMAX PREMIUM and BWT BESTMIN PREMIUM. We believe in delivering only the best for your brewing experience.

BWT BESTMAX PREMIUM: This advanced filter system allows you to transform ordinary tap water into gourmet water, perfectly tailored for crafting exceptional hot beverages like coffee, espresso, and tea. Our patented BWT Magnesium Technology not only refines the water but also infuses it with magnesium, a key flavor enhancer. This infusion ensures top-notch sensory quality in both the water and the beverages you create. The system consists of a filter cartridge and a BWT besthead filter head, featuring adjustable blend partial flow settings (0–3) to accommodate different water hardness levels. With built-in check valves to prevent backflow and uncontrolled water discharge, BWT bestmax PREMIUM is both pressure-resistant and safe, suitable for use in drinking water systems worldwide.

BWT BESTMIN PREMIUM: Specifically designed for low-mineral soft water, a common occurrence in certain regions, BWT bestmin COFFEE is the ideal solution. It can also be used as an external mineralizer after reverse osmosis. This filter utilizes a unique mineral granulate to ensure precise and consistent mineralization, significantly enhancing the coffee brewing process and its overall sensory quality. Additionally, the filter features a 0.1 ΞΌm membrane module to remove colloids and bacteria (log 6), greatly improving water purity and microbiological quality. The filter system comprises a filter cartridge and a filter head equipped with two check valves to prevent water backflow into the supply system. BWT bestmin COFFEE is food-grade, pressure-resistant, and secure for your peace of mind.

Choose BWT BESTMAX PREMIUM and BWT BESTMIN PREMIUM to provide your 3TEMP brewer with the finest water quality for a truly exceptional brewing experience. Your coffee deserves nothing less.


  • BWT bestmax V premium
  • BWT bestmax XL premium
  • BWT bestmax 2XL premium
  • BWT bestmin premium M

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