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BWT bestmax water filter

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BWT bestmax PREMIUM is a filter system with which you can refine raw water to produce gourmet water that is outstandingly suited to making hot beverages such as coffee, espresso and tea. The modular multistage filter uses patented BWT Magnesium Technology, which also mineralises the filtrate with magnesium. This flavour carrier guarantees high sensory quality in both the water and the products made from it. The filter system consists of a filter cartridge with a BWT besthead filter head (see graphic) that is screwed on. The blend partial flow (0–3) is set on the filter head depending on the water hardness and requirement. Check valves in the filter head prevent backflow and uncontrolled water discharge. BWT bestmax PREMIUM food-safe filter systems are pressureresistant and safe. They can be used worldwide in any drinking water system.


BWT bestmin COFFEE is a filter that was developed specially for mineralising low-mineral soft water, which can occur naturally in places. In addition, after each reverse osmosis, BWT bestmin COFFEE can also be used as an external mineraliser. This filter uses a special mineral granulate that guarantees specific and constant mineralisation, which benefits the brewing process for coffee and its sensory quality. In addition, the filter has a membrane module (0.1 μm) with which colloids and bacteria (log 6) are removed from the water. The water profits enormously from this with regard to purity and microbiological quality. The filter system consists of a filter cartridge and a filter head with two check valves that prevent backflow of water into the supply system and filter as well as water discharge. Food grade BWT bestmin COFFEE. Filter systems are pressure-resistant and safe

BWT bestmax waterfilter

Available Variants

  • BWT bestmax V premium
  • BWT bestmax XL premium
  • BWT bestmax 2XL premium
  • BWT bestmin premium M


  • Stainless vacuum insulated
  • 4-6 hours of temperature retention
  • Sight glass to display contents
  • Removable base with drip tray


  • PULS
  • Kobra
  • WALL
  • Hipster UC (extension kit needed)
  • Hipster UC Double (extension kit needed)