Hipster KOBRA:

Including thermos, router, coffee filter (for a few brew batches) and button controller. The machine is installed into the counter and the water units fits under the counter.

Options: Drip tray set. Cold brew. Functional M2M required.

HeatCase is used. “The hidden brewer unit” that makes the Hipster Brewer the unique species that it is. Always water with correct warmth on correct time. The future of coffee.

Capacity: 1×3,8 l = 200 cups/h.
Dimensions: W275mm/D387mm/H830mm
Weight: 10 + 9 kg
Max power hot: 230V 1x2400W
Max power cold: 1x38W
Max power idle: 7W

Want to know more?

A new species is born. An elegant and prideful creature. Originates from the deep forests of Sweden.
A new breed of high technology. Thrives in confined spaces. Stands out in the crowd. It’s natural habitat; coffee shops, offices, restaurants and bars where size matters.

We call it Kobra. The future of coffee.


Hipster Brewer 1Group UC-Wall
Hipster Brewer 1Group UC
Hipster Brewer 2Group UC
Hipster 1Group

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