Coffee Particle Analyzer

Precision is needed

Optical Measuring

The CPA is a very advanced but easy-to-use Coffee Particle Analyzer. It is an optical measuring instrument with a wireless connection to a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer (the software is web-based). Take a small sample of the ground coffee from the grinder and place it in the gauge. A few seconds later you will have an exact result on your screen. The result confirms that everything works as it should or that adjustments are required for the coffee to taste as intended.

Grinding Fineness

The grinding fineness is one of the factors that affect the flavor the most. If the grinder grinds too coarse, the water will run through too quickly and the coffee will be perceived as weak. If the grinder grinds too fine, the extraction time will be too long and the coffee will be perceived as bitter or acidic If the flavor is not quite there, it is not unusual that you to change the dosage manually. You often use more coffee than intended. So, there are financial and environmental advantages to CPA too. Being able to measure and research the consistency of the grind is a must if you want to guarantee the taste over time.


The CPA is the first measuring instrument in the world that meticulously can control the grinding fineness directly at coffee shops, restaurants, and other locations. Almost everything except the grinding fineness has been controlled with meticulous measurements before. When it comes to grinding fineness, we have trusted manual assessments and our instincts. With CPA, you will no longer have to guess. Another advantage is that companies and organizations with units in different places or different countries can make sure that the flavor is just as good everywhere.

Graph Description

The colored lines are the recommended values for the different grind sizes. The measuring got us on the coarse side of filter brew (red). If you use filter brew, it is OK, or you could adjust the grinder a bit finer. For a bulk brew (blue) instead, you should adjust it a bit coarser. The X50 value gives you an exact value of your grind size. In the image, you see that the value is 577, which means it is on the coarse side of the filter brew.

Understanding the CPA

3Temp CPA