Hipster 2 GRP UC:

Including touch controller, router, cupstand and single brew. The machine is installed into the counter and the water units fits under the counter. 2 separate water units; one for each side. Necessity of one touch control or two button controllers.

HeatCase is used. “The hidden brewer unit” that makes the Hipster Brewer UC the unique species that it is. Always water with correct warmth on correct time. The future of coffee.

Capacity: 2×3,8 l = 400 cups/h.
Dimensions: W440mm/D400mm/H585mm
Weight: 10 + 10 +11 kg
Max power hot: 230V 2x2400W
Max power cold: 2x38W
Max power idle: 7W


Want to know more?

Fresh water

To extract coffee is a chemical process. There is a necessity of lots of minerals and oxygen in the water to get a great reaction with the coffee. Not having hot water in big boilers for hours when idle, which will remove all dissolved oxygen, cause mineral and limestones fallout by energy waste; 3TEMP profile brewers heat your water just seconds before it gets in contact with the coffee bed. When idle the brewer instantly go to sleep.

Flexible volumes

In most water connected traditional brewers, you can choose between a half or a whole brewing volume. 3TEMP has taken away all the restrictions and let you choose your favorite batch size without exemption. Brew from one cup up to a gallon (3.8 liters) in one brew. Select favorite brew profile - adjust grams of coffee - press start.

Pour over brewing

Pre brew – Blooming -Extraction phase - End phase. 3 brew phases, and perfect control of the preferred temperature in every phase. The first two phases represent 60% of the total batch brew. To put it simply; the good taste is in the first 60% and the bitter taste in the last 40%. Have full control of every phase of your brew. Controlling the temperature in every phase is the key to a perfect brew.

3 Recipe modes

You can choose to brew a cup or a batch. Hot or warm. Single brew, batch brew or cold brew. Since there is no water tank, you are able to brew with the cold water that enters the machine.

3 Design concepts

There are 3 different design concepts regarding the Hipster series; just for the reason to make the brewer fit in your specific coffee shop, office, restaurant or bar. You can place the machine ON the counter or have it installed IN the counter or wall-mounted ON the wall. All models can be tailor made upon request regarding color, side panels and finish.

External touch controls

The touch controller or button controller (the one that is included) is hooked up thru Wifi or router to the brewer. From there you are able to create and adjust recipes, start and stop batch brewing and analyzing brewing. The touch controller or button controller can be used on all Hipster brewers.

Remote control

The Hipster comes with our IoT online system (1 year for free) and can be hooked up on the internet to be controlled from the Remote Dashboard, Remote Recipe Handling, and Remote Service. We see it as an environmental effect and time denominator. You carry out the necessary service and support errands online, minimizing traveling.

Recipe QR-codes

With Remote Recipe you are able to create and adjust recipes in the 3TEMP Remote system online and the write it out as a QR-code. You stick on the QR-code on e.g. the coffee bag and then all Hipster users are able to read the code with the touch controller and save the recipe on the brewer. By doing so; you are able to secure correct recipe to correct coffee onwards.

The HIPSTER brewer is a game changer as it brings filter coffee to a new level. Precision of flowrate, temperature and extraction time are critical factors to reach the best possible extraction. In order to preserve the coffee’s origin in flavor and fragrance, makes the demands high on these 3 parameters precision in order to recreate the same taste experience time and again.

The fresh water system and the recipe parameters makes a huge impact on the taste and a tiny impact on the environment as it consumes approximately 7 watts when not brewing.


Hipster Brewer 1Group UC
Hipster Brewer 2Group UC

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