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Tech company 3TEMP (PLAE2TECH Ltd) from Arvika, Sweden, whose goal is to revolutionize the coffee industry by entwine together design, quality and sustainability, have been granted an investment of 700 000 euros in new money from new partners and owners, Per Cristoferson (Spray and Midasplayer) and Toni Nijm (CPA Global, Simplygon and Ipendo). The investment shall be used to build/grow the company to be a global player on the international coffee scene.

 Anders Eriksson and Peter Larsson, owners of 3TEMP (PLAE2TECH Ltd) have just arrived back to Sweden from World of Coffee in Berlin, where mr Eriksson showed 3TEMPs Hipster machine with cold brew function and the brand new world innovation, CPA (coffee particle analyzer). The CPA was in the finals regarding the brand new product competition in Berlin, which was a huge success. There was a huge interest from the entire coffee business; from Korea to Australia regarding the CPA. Eriksson elaborates further:

 -It feels absolutely amazing to have secured this investment with our new friends and partners who themselves are as much passionate about innovation and entreprenuership as we are. Both of them have made success in previous upscale investments and possesses a vast skill of tech knowledge, says mr Eriksson who continues; ”We speak very humble about ”where do we play & how do we win”.

 3TEMPs new partners are multifaceted serial entrepreneurs Per Cristoferson and Toni Nijm who explains why they have invested in the company from Arvika, Sweden:

It is with a humble, yet great feeling for me to support a high tech company that origins from the deepest woods in the county of Värmland and probably sells the best coffee machines delivered over the entire world, says Cristoferson while Nijm continues: ”I have used technology to transform traditional branches of industry before and while doing so, I have had the fortune to see the power of breakthrough up-close. The people of 3TEMP have built and shown a unique proof of concept that has thepotential to forever change the coffee industry. I am very excited to firstly have the opportunity to be a part of this journey and at the same time, hopefully I can contribute with my knowledge to take this company to the next level where 3TEMP belongs, concludes mr Nijm.

The company has plenty of wind in the sails at the moment and mr Eriksson says:

-Coffee in all forms is a global, social phenomena with a lot of passion involved. We have re-written the map of the coffee industry with a great focus on delivering a unique customer experience on many levels by serving them the best quality of taste, design and sustainability. The world market have quickly seen the value in our innovative M2M-platform and our machines. Now it is perfect timing to take 3TEMP to the next level and become a global player to be counted for over the nexts couple of years, says a proud owner and innovator, Anders Eriksson.

Advisors regarding the transaction has been Aktieom Ltd.

 For further information; please contact:

Peter Larsson, owner/CTO, 3TEMP AB: +46 70 604 52 50 alt

Andreas Slätt, CMO/PR, 3TEMP AB: +46 72 203 19 31 alt

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