Join us at the INTERNORGA

Let's meet in Hamburg

10. – 14.03.2023

Experience the art of coffee brewing like never before with our exclusive pour-over filter machines! Perfectly designed for upscale hospitality, gastronomy, and even the most demanding office environments, our machines offer a sustainable and eco-friendly brewing method that delivers the richest, creamiest, and most delicious coffee you’ve ever tasted.

At our booth, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the future of sustainable filter coffee and explore the unique flavors of locally-sourced specialty coffees. Our team of coffee experts will guide you through the brewing process, sharing their knowledge and passion for coffee along the way.

Join us at the INTERNORGA and let us take you on a journey of coffee excellence. With our innovative machines and sustainable brewing methods, you’ll experience a new level of taste and aroma that will leave you craving for more. Come and let our coffee enthusiasm inspire you!

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