Fýri Resort Hemsedal and 3TEMP in joint venture…

This Christmas 2019,  Fýri Resort Hemsedal by ESS Group opened up. 3TEMP is one of the proud suppliers and have delivered  a couple of the specialty coffee machine Hipster PULS to the establishment. Owner Peter Larsson, 3TEMP took the trip to Norway himself and installed the machine for the ESS Group and it was a proud moment for him:

-For us it a perfect spot to show our quality filter brewer and cold brew machine Hipster PULS at this venue. We believe in bundling our brand with other top brands in other markets. Fýri means to be first and with this installation of our new PULS, ESS Group will be the first hotel showing our beloved PULS, says Peter Larsson.

ESS-Groups Niklas Cramer added following info regarding the brand new hotel in Hemsedal:

Ask a Hemesdal resident what Fýri means and you’ll get the answer “to be first”. And that’s exactly what we’re aiming for. First to create a place where nature meets resort, where the experience is all about grabbing a cold beer after a day in the mountains. Your wellbeing is crucial, regardless if that means putting on your hiking boots or taking a bike ride in the mountains. But it might just as well be about drinking bubbly with your friends by the pool (Spa Club opens August 2020), or giving in to your cravings and ordering a late-night snack in a bar that should have closed a long time ago. To wake up the next day and make it just as memorable. All you have to concentrate on at Fýri, is having a really good time. We create places that we love, and we hope that our guests like the same things as us.

With acclaimed destinations such as Steam Hotel, Ystad Saltsjöbad, Falkenberg Strandbad and Hotel Pigalle, now comes Fýri – Resort of Hemsedal.

For more info contact:

Andreas Slätt, CMO 3TEMP +46 72 203 19 31


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