Buy a 3TEMP in the United Kingdom

“Made in Sweden.” It’s an expression that means a lot to us, especially when it comes to brewing coffee. It’s a tradition that we in the Nordic region are known for and take pride in, and one that we want to offer to all our coffee-loving friends around the world. It’s a tradition worth cherishing if you ask us.

Notably, we’ve seen our technology gain significant interest in England’s rapidly growing coffee scene.

At 3TEMP, we exclusively manufacture our products in Arvika, Sweden, and proudly carry the label “Made in Sweden.” If you’d like to learn more about our products, please feel free to contact us or one of our partners.

Since 2016, our coffee brewer has conquered markets in over 30 countries. Our primary goal is always to ensure our quality products by guaranteeing that you have a trained 3TEMP partner as close to you as possible.

However, it may happen that we receive inquiries from regions where we haven’t yet established a local retailer or distributor. In these situations, we are always ready to assist you by offering direct sales or connecting you with a retailer who may not have completed our certification training and therefore doesn’t appear on our website.

Whether your area is currently represented on our website or not, we want you to know that our expansion into new regions is an ongoing process. So, never hesitate to express your interest, as your commitment will influence our prioritization of expansion areas.