Environmental issues in coffee equipment

We list the top 3 environmental issues in the coffee equipment industry The coffee industry’s most prominent environmental issue and impact is idle or ready-mode machine equipment. Units using a heating tank or heating plate are “eating” a lot of energy during the day. The second biggest energy eater is the machine service and support. […]

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How to brew the best specialty coffee

How to brew the best speciality coffee in a Hipster pour-over brewer! Prepare 120g of lightly roasted coffee and grind it slightly coarser than medium, around 80 CPA. You need to go a bit finer if it’s washed coffee. Wash the 3TEMP filter paper with cold water and mount it into the basket. Put the […]

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Coffee Particle Analyzer – CPA

Coffee Particle Analyzer-CPA- part one Particle analysis is deeply relevant to the art of brewing coffee. We refer to it casually as “grind size”. But there is far more to consider about your ground coffee than meets the (naked) eye. Enter the Coffee Particle Analyzer. A discipline employed in many other industries, like gravel manufacturing, […]

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