3TEMP Ltd/PLAE2TECH Ltd head office is located in Arvika, Sweden and was established in 2013 by Patrik Stridsberg, Jarl Nilson and Anders Eriksson to develop, manufacture and marketing high-end quality coffee machines for the professional market. In June 2018 PLAE2TECH Ltd (Peter Larsson och Anders Eriksson) bought the company. The Team today includes people who’s combined experience brings all key knowledge and experience to run a highly competitive manufacturer with extensive experience in R&D, manufacturing, support, quality, branding, marketing and sales management.

3TEMP Ltd/PLAE2TECH Ltd delivers it’s products all over the world as we speak.


Our ambition is to introduce unique products and become a knowledge center in the industry. We want to be a producer, manufacturer, partner that puts focus on the roasters and the baristas. By doing so, we contribute the best we can to improve the coffee scene around world. For us, 3TEMP Ltd/PLAE2TECH Ltd, it is important that we together reaches our own goals and from there continue our long-term, safe and sound business relation.

Why Hipster

We wanted to give the same focus to the filter coffee as espresso have had for a very long time. Up here in the Nordics we have always been drinking loads of filter coffee and the amount of filter coffee served at the average coffee bar is as much as 65-75% of their total sales over a year, this according to our surveys within the segment of our Nordic customers.

The Hipster Brewer is meant to signalize to customers that this shop is taking their coffee seriously, and you can expect the best possible and consistent taste in this bar. The customers are happy and the shop increases their sales.

For a coffee shop to keep the downtime to an absolute minimum is very important. Therefore we added the Remote-system. This way we, and the local technician, are able too keep track of the machines and foresee problems in the future and replace the right parts in the right time, before it stops and brakes the shops cash flow. Also the shop manager and/or the roaster have total control of recipes and statistics.

In beginning we aimed just for the high-demand customers, that is where you find yourself pushing the boundaries to make everything better. If the machine would pass the ECBC Golden Cup and also be accepted by the high-end specialty shops and roasters, the success was given, in due time. A couple of roasters in Sweden believed in our product and took them in to their shops and the success was a fact! But the time it takes to reach the global market and get on top of product cost and sales volume is always hard to predict. That’s why you need financial investors that believe in you and your “out of the box-ideas”, and we are grateful to have met people that lined up behind us and support our business moving forward.

The business model and the marketing strategy was created by a tight team in 2014. Today the sales team consist of people with experience from national to international businesses that covers marketing, branding, sales, manufacturing, support and field service, quality assurance, coffee shop management and more. A complete team that are able to support both local, national and international customers on a daily basis.

Since we perfectly hit the third wave in specialty coffee we had to move fast. Get in to the major specialty rosters and shops across the globe, find distributors that already are distributing high-end brands and get into discussions with global chains that see the value in the quality- and business-control the Remote-system offers. Get the momentum going and maintain first place, that’s a winner. Always with a safe and sound thought on the business onwards.