How to brew the best specialty coffee

How to brew the best speciality coffee in a Hipster pour-over brewer!

Prepare 120g of lightly roasted coffee and grind it slightly coarser than medium, around 80 CPA. You need to go a bit finer if it’s washed coffee. Wash the 3TEMP filter paper with cold water and mount it into the basket. Put the coffee in and then slightly shake the basket to spread the coffee so the surface will be flat.

The 3 phases:

Pre-Brew Phase also called Blooming:

To kick start the Blooming, we pre-flush the coffee with 200-250ml (set at 10%) at a high temperature to quickly release the trapped carbon dioxide in the coffee.

Set recipe:  97°C (206.5°F) for the pre-brew and 10% pre-flush volume.

Extraction Phase:

In this phase, we control the flavour of your brew.

Since different chemicals are extracted at various points, you can manipulate the brew to create your desired cup profile. And the best way to do this is by controlling the water temperature and brew time setting the temperature at 94 degrees and 7-10 pulses.

(Fewer, more powerful pulses will shorten the extraction time, while more frequent, smaller pulses will lengthen it and leave the coffee bed even. The best number of pulses will depend on the coffee itself and the grind size.

Set recipe:  94°C (201°F) for the extraction and 7-9 pulses.

The end Phase in How to brew the best speciality coffee is called “draw out.”

A lower water temperature at this stage will lead to less extraction. This will create a more balanced, sweet, and acidic cup of coffee.

Set recipe: 89°C (192°F) for the end phase – a whole five °C less than the extraction phase.

How to brew the best specialty coffee

Now you know the tricks on How to brew the best speciality coffee!

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