The art of brewing pour over coffee

Brewing pour-over coffee is an art of concentration, control and repetition.   A trained BARISTA prefers to prepare a black filter coffee using something called pour-over, but brewing pour-over coffee is an art, meaning that the barista will manually pour hot water over a coffee bed using something like the Kalita or some V60 device. […]

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Environmental issues in coffee equipment

3Temp HUT

We list the top 3 environmental issues in the coffee equipment industry The coffee industry’s most prominent environmental issue and impact is idle or ready-mode machine equipment. Units using a heating tank or heating plate are “eating” a lot of energy during the day. The second biggest energy eater is the machine service and support. […]

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What is specialty coffee?

What is speciality coffee? And how do we define it? Well, in the broadest sense, we define speciality coffee as coffee that has met all the tests of survival encountered in the long journey from the coffee tree to the brewed coffee cup. More specifically, we measure it against standards and with methods that allow […]

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