We are so proud that 3TEMP AB and The Espresso Specialist Inc., with the Hipster

brewer, are sponsor partners for the amazing concept of Coffee Masters at the NYCF

13-15th of October 2017.

Coffee Masters is a competition concept created by Allegra with the goal to help

develop the barista community and the coffee business. The competition is currently

run at the London Coffee Festival and the New York Coffee Festival.

The Espresso Specialist Inc. is a distribution partner of the Hipster brewer in the

Nordics, with bases in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen, and North America with

base in New York. The Espresso Specialist group is also a distribution partner of La

Marzocco since 2004.

3TEMP is a Swedish company that develop and manufacture high-end coffee

equipment and takes a different approach on filter coffee. 3TEMP is represented

globally in 25 countries. Keep an eye on www.3temp.com to find out where you can

meet us.

The Hipster brewer is currently available in five different models, both counter top,

under counter and wall mounted designs.

We have made 5 specially designed competition-brewers. These brewers are for sale

when the competition is over. We are open for pre-orders of these 5 brewers already

today! Hurry up and send an email to The Espresso Specialist Inc.!

Find out how to apply to the competition…

Learn more about the New York Coffee Festival…

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