Up and running!

Up and running!
Finally we are there, manufacturing and shipping our machines to both national and international customers.
A new stage
Developing high-tech machines and setting up a factory for manufacturing is hard core and takes a lot of energy, resources and belief. However, the joy and satisfaction of finally getting there is fantastic! We are both humble and grateful to everyone who has contributed to getting us to the stage we are, up and running. The market, you, have showed confidence in us and the products we have launched which is great. We have had products out there in cafes and restaurants running hard core and we are happy to state that they are proving their quality!
Hipster family
In January this year we, after 1,5 years of development, launched a 2-group filter brew machine that we named Hipster. We wanted to take filter brew into a new stage by developing a machine were you are able to set the parameters (water-flow, temperature and extraction) for the actual coffee you are brewing i.e. profiling͟. And the response to this possibility on a fresh brew machine was phenomenal! However we realized that not everyone needed at 2-group so we developed one single table-top version and one single group for desk mounting, both controlled by a tablet. So now we have a solution for any place who wants a top quality filter brew machine.
Where we are heading
We are constantly working with improvements and new projects and we think we will be a very interesting partner in the future. Our focus will all the way be quality machines for those who wants to build competitive strength and sales through serving the best coffee to the end consumer.
We will keep you updated!