Take control of your brew process

Take control of your brew process!

When we launched our unique coffee brewer Hipster in 2015 we said that an investment in Hipster was an investment in quality, consistency, efficiency and customer satisfaction. In an article in Perfect Daily Grind January 27 that is exactly what the users says. Check out these statements from people working in high-quality specialty cafés using Hipster in their daily work:

“The main reason for why we uses Hipster in our cafés is control. Controlling the temperature and pulses during the brewing has made the coffee so much better. To be honest, most of the time I think that the Hipster delivers a better and more consistent result than manual brewing”. Christian Gullbrandsson, Head of roastery at da Matteo ,a Swedish specialty chain

“Finally workflow issues are no longer an excuse to not use highly complex filter coffee dial-ins. Have you ever thought of using three different kettles with three different temperatures for a single pour over? I bet not.” Constantin Hoppenz of Bonanza Coffee. German Brewers Cup Champion 2016

“Having total control over the coffee brew is like having the perfect barista working 24-7. I can always trust the Hipster to do exactly the same brew every time, over and over… I use it for testing all my coffees and to test brew profiles for manual brewing” Kenneth Kastberg, Roaster at MokkaHouse, a Danish third wave coffee house

To read the article follow this link http://www.perfectdailygrind.com/2017/01/specialty-shops-prefer-batch

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It’s all about temperature, flow-rate and extraction”