PLAE2TECH Ltd have acquired 3TEMP Ltd…


June 8, 2018


PLAE2TECH Ltd have acquired 3TEMP Ltd

PLAE2TECH Ltd have acquired 3TEMP Ltd and the intentions are to continue to run 3TEMP Ltd. as before with location in Arvika, Sweden.

PLAE2TECH Ltd’s chairman of the board, Peter Larsson (former 3TEMP Chief Operating Officer), confirms the acquisition:

PLAE2TECHLtd and it’s core of people in the new company are the former employees of 3TEMP Ltd, where me and Anders Eriksson have chosen to buy the bankruptcy estate of 3TEMP Ltd. Both me and Anders believe in our people, this region and we want to continue our journey to establish and strenghten the brand of 3TEMP Ltd and all positive values the company stood for onwards. We acquired the banktruptcy estate and its assets this week and our main objectives since then have been to reassure our communication with all 3TEMP suppliers and customers to show them how we want to elevate the business and product development. So far all contacted suppliers and customers have been very supportive and affirmative regarding our new ambition and vision for the ”new” company, says Peter Larsson.

PLAE2TECH Ltd will continue to enhance it’s sales force and product development on an national and international basis regarding the world market. Anders Eriksson (former 3TEMP Chief Technical Officer) and owner, continues:

3TEMP Ltd had too much cost mass in relation to the sales and with PLAE2TECHLtd as our new owner, we believe that the liasion will bring a substantial experience within the coffee industry that are in line with PLAE2TECHLtd’s focus on a international growth and digital development. Together with the skill set of PLAE2TECHLtd and its management, we will embrace the next step, says Anders Eriksson.

For more details regarding the acquisition or customer support of 3Temp, please contact:

 Peter Larsson, owner & chairman of the board PLAE2TECH Ltd, +46 70 604 52 50

Anders Eriksson, owner & board member PLAE2TECH Ltd, +46 73 843 32 28

Henrik Bergström, customer support 3TEMP, +46 70 644 87 74