Hipster has been all over!

Hipster has been all over!

First half of 2016 has really been amazing. Hipster has been travelling to a lot of countries, taking part of a number of exhibitions and meeting serious coffee lovers and business people and got feedback that we only could dream of!

During 6 month we have been at events and coffee festivals in Moscow, Helsinki, Stockholm, Herning, Amsterdam, London, New York and Dublin and we have signed distribution agreements with a number of countries. And there are several in a process of signing. It is obvious that the timing is perfect, that we have hit the “wave” and that Hipster meets a need when it comes to profiling coffee, especially light roasted specialty coffee. And this goes more or less globally as filter coffee / specialty coffee represents possibilities in the future, both for the coffee shops, for our partners and for us.

We have a quite a number of machines out there now, brewing coffee every day drawing attention to filter coffee and specialty coffee, lifting the quality and pleasing coffee drinkers. And there will be more to come!

Having a fundament like this entering the second half of 2016 feels great and gives us the spirit and energy to move on. We would like to thank everyone who has made this possible. Thanks!

For more information, please contact us on info@3temp.com or visit www.3temp.com

“It’s all about temperature, flow-rate and extraction”