A new generation of HIPSTERS

HIPSTER has been going through a lot of changes since we launched it; better software, M2M-solution, wider range etc. Now we take the next step and introduce a new generation of HIPSTERS that really makes it to a new category of coffee machines where you in 3 brewing stages can brew everything from 150ml up to 3,8L. Thus; a unique machine has become even more unique:

  • Possibility to brew coffee in 3 different brewing stages with full control of water flow and temperature!
  • Possibility to profile coffee with the use of 6 different parameters and sample up to 8 different recipes!
  • Both Single brew and Batch brew, from 150ml to 2,5L!
  • M2M (machine 2 machine) connection for better service and sharing of recipes!
  • Button control for direct control of brewing and Touch control for making recipes!
  • Improved app and graphics!
  • Basket insert for V60 to fit into the brew basket!
  • New filter holder for better temperature control and easier handling!
  • New brew hat for more stable temperature and more even flow!
  • New shower head for better distribution!

HIPSTER will be very busy also in 2017. This is the touring schedule first half of the year:

  • The Barista League Oslo, 21st. of January. Sponsoring
  • Easy Fair, Stockholm, 1st .-2 nd. of January. Run by our distributor Espresso Specialisten AB.
  • Horeca 2017 Athens, 9th .-13th of February. Run by our distributor Eurogat A.E.
  • Amsterdam Coffee Festival: 10th .-12th. Of March. Run by our distributor Espressionado Coffee Tools.
  • Internorga 2017, Hamburg, 17th .-21st of March. Run by our distributor Sander-Tec Gmbh.
  • Melbourne International Coffee Expo, 30th .-1 st. of March. Run by our distributor Xtracted Espresso Solutions.
  • London Coffee Festival, 6th .-9 th. of April. Run by our distributor Espresso Solutions.
  • The Barista League Copenhagen, 1th.-13th. of May. Sponsoring.
  • Tokyo Café Show, 6th .-8 th. of June
  • World of Coffee, Budapest, 13th .-15th. of June. Sponsoring.


For more information, please contact us on info@3temp.com or visit www.3temp.com

It’s all about temperature, flowrate and extraction!