Here we go again, to World of Coffee!

Here we go again, to World of Coffee!

Tuesday 13th. – Thursday 15t. | Budapest

HIPSTER was presented to the world at World of Coffee in Gothenburg, 2015. The response we got there really gave us confidence in what we were doing and telling us that the focus on and the growth of specialty coffee and filter coffee was going on globally. It was a start of a fantastic journey that has brought HIPSTER into more than 20 nations in 4 continents! We will again be working in the Village Bar (where else ;- ) and not only brewing excellent coffee on V60s and thermoses and whatever, but we will do it on new versions of HIPSTER that the world has never seen before! And you will also see HIPSTER brewing coffee at other stands, by companies and people who wants to profile coffee and have control of the brewing process! So come and see us and let’s make some good coffee together, you are most welcome!

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“It’s all about temperature, flow-rate and extraction”