3TEMP is building global distribution!

3TEMP is building global distribution!

During a period of 2 years 3TEMP AB has opened distribution in more than 20 nations and 4 continents. The last distributors to enter a partnership with us are:

  • Allpress Espresso Japan Co. Ltd.; Japan
  • Espresso Solutions Ltd.; UK and Ireland
  • Xtracted Espresso Solutions; Australia
  • Yeuan Yeou Enterprise Co., Ltd; Taiwan
  • Kijeong Int’l Co. Ltd; South Korea

All these markets represent strong future growth within specialty coffee and we are very happy to be able to work with these companies to take part in that growth. The interest for our unique brewer HIPSTER is just fantastic where ever we go, which of course has to do with the global growth of specialty coffee and filter coffee, also in countries where espresso has been the only option. However, it also says something about the uniqueness of our brewer which now after launching of the 2.generation is even more unique. Actually there is no other brewer like it and people using it just loves it!

For more information, please contact us on info@3temp.com or visit www.3temp.com

“It’s all about temperature, flow-rate and extraction”